Our approach is to work with clients providing as comprehensive, or targeted, guidance as needed. Our goal is to be a trusted resource assisting your organization on its journey toward greater gender balance. Please visit the Clients page for more information on the many ways we have collaborated with clients.

Below is a summary of our service offerings:

Expert Advisor

We can function as an expert advisor supplying feedback on your existing approach to supporting gender balance. In this capacity, we can provide guidance on targeted ways in which to strengthen your current practices. 

Diagnosis and Assessment

Drawing from a wide range of assessment approaches, we can provide an overview of your organization’s current state with regard to gender balance. This could include:

  • Leadership interviews with executive management
  • Focus groups with women and men at multiple levels in the organization
  • Interviews with high potential employees who left the organization in recent years
  • Assessing management policies and practices for possible gender implications
  • Reviewing workforce metrics (e.g. recruitment, retention, representation) to get a numeric picture of gender across levels
  • Assessing employee input through a pulse survey or review of employee opinion data

We can construct a diagnostic package that meets your information needs and your budget. For one client that might translate into assessment light encompassing a few interviews and focus groups while another client might require a soup-to-nuts approach utilizing the full menu of diagnostic tools.

Strategy Design and Action Planning

Informed by the data available, we will collaborate with you to create a strategy and action plan for strengthening the gender balance in your organization. You will have a road map for what to do, when to do it, and how to assess progress along the way.

Meeting/Conference Design and Facilitation

We can design meetings for your women’s initiative — or diversity — task force, council or committee to help educate, inform, and facilitate decision making. We can collaborate with you in designing engaging, informative meetings and conferences for women leaders and clients. We believe in strategically involving men in these events.


We can provide an expert perspective on a wide range of issues related to women’s advancement, work-life integration, and changing gender roles. Let us know what interests your audience.

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