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Sampling of organizations for which Lisa has consulted during her 20+ year career:

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Representative projects on which Lisa has consulted during her 20+ year career:

• Advisory/Strategic Development

Advised Client on Full Range of Diversity Issues

Through interactive working session provided input on company practices and policies:

  • Mentoring and sponsorship
  • Approach to workplace flexibility
  • Leadership development
  • On-Boarding
  • Recruiting and retaining diverse workforce

Advised Company-Wide HR Leadership Team

  • Conducted pre-meeting design interviews and used input to inform working session
  • Facilitated working group decision making
  • Developed and delivered profiles of leading edge diversity practices (e.g. measuring impact, countering resistance, building support…)
  • Created client action planning document following working session

Developed Multi-Year Work-Life Strategy

  • Collaborated in the design and facilitation of an expert group meeting
  • Developed briefing paper to stimulate expert group discussions
  • Co-facilitated 2 ½ day meeting
  • Distilled learnings from meeting and developed white paper and work-life strategy
• Diagnostics

Led Longitudinal Exit Interview Study of Diverse Executives

  • Developed sampling plan (included white male executives as comparison group) and interview guide
  • Managed outreach and conducted confidential interviews
  • Analyzed results and presented recommendations for improving retention of diverse executives
  • Conducted second phase of exit interview study and compared results through time

Led Comprehensive Company-Wide Work-Life Assessment

  • Performed in-depth business unit analyses
  • Utilized multiple methodologies including survey, leadership interviews and focus groups
  • Managed all aspects of research
  • Created business unit summaries including family demographics of workforce, perceptions of work culture, and input on the value of and need for myriad work-life supports

Led Asessment of Usage & Satisfaction of Maternity Leave Policy

  • Designed survey instrument & fielded survey
  • Distilled learnings
  • Provided recommendations for adaptations to policy and company practice
• Implementation

Launched Series of Employee Networks

  • Including women’s, Hispanic, African-American and parents’ networks
  • Conducted meeting design interviews to inform meeting planning
  • Facilitated ½ day working session with network leadership teams
  • Advised network leaders on series of foundational decisions for launching employee network groups

Advised on Flexibility Philosophy and Approach

  • Designed and facilitated working meeting for flexibility task force
  • Advised client on wide range of flexibility design decisions
  • Drafted flexibility documents (management guidelines and company philosophy)

Assisted in Scaling Women’s Network Across the U.S.

  • Advised pilot chapters of women’s network
  • Created process and structure for scaling women’s network
  • Co-Designed network launch conference attended by office leadership and future network chapter leaders
  • Researched and designed extensive toolkit for new network leaders

Led Training Design and Delivery of Train-The-Trainer Model

  • Developed training content: case studies, exercises, assessment tools
  • Delivered pilot sessions and subsequently adapted and refined training materials
  • Created in-depth facilitator’s guide
  • Conducted series of train-the-trainer sessions to equip client staff to deliver workshops
• Leadership Briefings

Led Comprehensive Diversity Assessment and Leadership Briefing

  • Conducted diversity assessment including leadership interviews, employee focus groups and exit interviews
  • Developed and fielded leadership survey
  • Assessed workforce metrics and firm practices and policies
  • Profiled best practice approaches to diversity management
  • Created 5-year strawman strategy for women’s initiative
  • Closely partnered with leadership and delivered multiple briefings throughout the multi-year process

Conducted Assessment and Delivered Leadership Briefings

  • Conducted work culture assessment encompassing leadership interviews, employee focus groups and an employee survey
  • Developed leadership briefing delivered to multiple audiences
• Meeting Design & Facilitation/Conference Design

Advised Women’s Leadership Team on Role as Change Agents

  • Designed and facilitated series of meetings
  • Worked closely with team to identify symptoms and diagnose root causes for women’s stymied professional growth
  • Provided expert guidance during action planning process

Design and Delivery of First-Ever Women’s Leadership Conference

  • Interviewed male and female leaders across business units and developed leadership briefing of findings
  • Provided input on draft conference agenda

Developed Interactive Work-Life Workshop for Leadership Team

  • Identified hallmarks of effective flexibility
  • Created and facilitated series of exercises to apply learnings

Designed Conference Structure and Content

  • Identified multiple options for conference themes and built out conference scenarios for each
  • Developed agenda, identified seminal research and conference speakers, designed interactive sessions
• Research/Analysis

Directed Diversity Benchmarking Research over 5 Years

  • Developed series of reports assessing ‘state of diversity’
  • Adapted survey instrument, fielded survey and interpreted results
  • Interviewed change agents to provide input on diversity trend lines and recommendations for the future
  • Provided 10-year retrospective

Developed Career Stages Model for Women Professionals

  • Interviewed female ‘regretted losses’ and women professionals at the company
  • Identified distinct issues for women professionals by major career stages
  • Developed retention model for professional women

Benchmarked Leading-Edge Practices Promoting Women’s Development

  • Led primary research with multiple organizations to inform development of a series of best practice case studies
  • Identified design variables for adapting and customizing leading practices
clients     projects

Speaking Engagements

Representative speaking engagements:

Alliance for Work Life Progress
  • Embedding Flexibility Across the World: One Firm’s Journey (in partnership with UBS), 2007
Boston College Center for Work and Family
  • National Workforce Roundtable, The Future of Work-Life: Thought Leaders Panel (2014)
Cornell University
  • Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN), Making the Invisible Visible: Why Understanding Gender Will Make You a Better Leader and Professional, Spouse and Parent (with Jodi Detjen, The Orange Line Career) (2014)
Daiichi Sankyo
  • The Women’s Forum, Mentoring Demystified: How Mentoring Can Benefit You and DSI (2009)
Goldman Sachs
  • ASCEND Boston Leadership Roundtable, Women on Boards: Smart Business (2006)
Harvard University Law School
  • Women’s Law Association, Finding Balance in Your Work and Life (2012)
  • Linkage Women’s Leadership Conference, Networks That Work (2006)
Massachusetts Hospital Association
  • Women in Leadership: Same Workplace, Different Reality (2007)
National Bar Association
  • National Bar Association (Commercial Law Section), Diversity Trends (2010)
New York City Bar Association
  • Benchmarking Roundtable: Study Findings and Panel of Women Management Committee Members (2012)
Simmons School of Management
  • Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO), Opting In-Between: Making Gender Equality Real (2013)
Time Warner
  • Time Warner’s Women’s Network, Current Landscape of Women’s Networks (2007)
Women’s Book
  • Pre-Book Launch Event, Insights on Big Leaps in Women’s Advancement and Work-Life (2013)
Work and Family Researchers Network
  • Bi-annual Conference, Signs of Change? The Relevance of Female Breadwinning and At-Home Fathering Trends for Current Work-Family Debates (2014)
  • Interrupting the Gender Dance: Women and Men Writing New Scripts (2012)
Year Up
  • Exploring Gender in the Workplace (2011)