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Ready for a Saner Pace of Life for the Entire Family?

Award-Winning Book Shows Couples a Way to Live, Work, and Parent That Supports Gender Equality and Greater Balance in the Three Essential Spheres of Work, Family, and Personal Life

LEXINGTON, Mass – It may sound bewildering, but not everyone realizes that gender equality is also highly beneficial for men. In The Libra Solution: Shedding Excess and Redefining Success at Work and Home, diversity consultant Lisa Levey details the many benefits of egalitarian partnerships for men, women, children, and even workplaces, providing strategies for overcoming the key challenges to creating and sustaining equality. Levey explains that the word “Libra” in the book’s title is a metaphor for equally shared power – and responsibility – for women and men in long-term relationships. Offering a fresh look at the complexities inherent in combining professional work with engaged parenting, The Libra Solution reveals:

  • A best‐kept secret, that men thrive in egalitarian partnerships where they have far greater flexibility and choice in their lives
  • Why professional women have so much to teach organizations about adapting work cultures for the twenty‐first century
  • How couples can avoid the gender dance that limits both women and men
  • How working together as a couple, women and men are writing new work‐life scripts that enable lives filled with more intimacy, joy, and fun
  • Why a strong marriage/partnership is among the greatest gifts parents can give their children
  • A roadmap for navigating pervasive cultural norms and overwrought expectations around careers and parenting
  • Insights from Levey’s twenty‐year consulting career, conversations with men and women who successfully combine work and family, and Levey’s personal story of raising sons in a dual‐career marriage

The Libra Solution received the Gold Medal in the category of Evergreen Medal for Personal Growth from the 2016 Living Now Book Awards.

Levey comments, “In my professional work as a diversity consultant, I’ve seen a consistent longing for a more sane and egalitarian way to combine work and family. I felt compelled to illuminate a new model of work and family, one that we hear little about, whereby couples are working to craft a more manageable, joyful, and shared approach to combining care and careers.”

“In The Libra Solution, Lisa Levey presents a new model of careers and family that much more clearly represents the needs and desires of most working couples and articulates an important future direction for work and family in the U.S. and elsewhere. Levey offers excellent insights into how we can make family systems and work organizations synergistic, not adversarial. From my own work with leading employers and working fathers, I feel Lisa has hit the nail on the head in articulating challenges and solutions that that will result in meaningful work and meaningful lives for today’s dual career families.” ~ Brad Harrington, Executive Director, Boston College Center for Work & Family

Author: As a diversity consultant and researcher, Lisa Levey has consulted with some of the most admired organizations in the world including Exxon Mobil, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the United Nations, and the Campbell’s Soup Company, among many more. She challenges organizations – and individuals – to consider the environments and behaviors that help people thrive at work and in their lives. Levey’s work has focused on women’s leadership, gender equality, and the critical role of men in driving change. She holds a B.S. from Cornell University and an MBA from the Simmons School of Management.