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On Addressing Unique Challenges for Women Professionals

Rosalind C. Barnett Senior Scientist, Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University; Co-Author, The Truth about Girls and Boys: Challenging Toxic Stereotypes about Our Children
Written in an engaging and informative manner, The Libra Solution speaks directly to many of the work and work-life issues that stymie women’s advancement in the workplace. The heart of Levey’s message is that men and women need to break out of tradition-bound and highly gendered ideas of success at home and at work so that all employees can have the opportunity to develop themselves as workers, partners, and parents. Daring to challenge socially accepted expectations is often rewarded by richer lives—healthier marital relationships, closer ties to children, and more satisfying work.



On Supporting Women (and Men):

Ilene Lang President, Catalyst

Insightful look at barriers that prevent women AND men from realizing greater balance in their work, family, and personal lives, with thoughtful recommendations for more effectively navigating all three critical spheres. Lisa challenges us to break out of self-reinforcing gender norms and offers proven solutions and encouragement towards healthy change

Marc and Amy Vachon Authors, Equally Shared Parenting
Most parents are taught to believe that a balanced life is a foolish dream. Lisa Levey wisely and warmly shows us the truth: that balance can be a practical and joyful reality for both parents. Bravo.  



On Working Differently

Ellen Galinsky President, Families and Work Institute; Author, Mind in the Making
In our studies, we find that people feel torn by everything they have to do at work and at home. It is a problem that keeps getting bigger and bigger, especially in this volatile economy. The Libra Solution addresses this seemingly intractable problem by providing a perceptive analysis of how work needs to change and how we need to change too. Importantly, it shows that these problems may be less impervious to change than we may think by providing effective real life examples of how work can be redesigned in ways that benefit employers, employees, and their families.


Kathie Lingle Executive Director, Alliance for Work-Life Progress @ WorldatWork
The author unflinchingly confronts a central work-life conundrum: the eerie sound of silence generated by talented workers everywhere who do what it takes to make their employers successful, yet balk at exerting their individual and collective power to negotiate reasonable rules of engagement at work. Levey’s prescription of the Libra Solution as an actionable path out of this global dilemma is a bold, well-reasoned antidote. Bold, because it requires the courage to answer the most important questions that frame a meaningful life, like how much is enough?  Antidote, because she has assembled an impressive array of evidence that reveals a brighter future: Libra workers are as good for business as they are for themselves, their families and communities.



On Providing a New Direction for Work and Family

Brad Harrington Executive Director, Boston College Center for Work & Family
In The Libra Solution, Lisa Levey presents a new model of careers and family that much more clearly represents the needs and desires of most working couples and articulates an important future direction for work and family in the U.S. and elsewhere. Drawing from her rich personal experiences, her years as a top-flight consultant, and her in-depth knowledge of research, Levey offers excellent insights into how we can make family systems and work organizations synergistic, not adversarial. From my own work with many leading employers, working fathers, and graduate students, I feel Lisa has “hit the nail on the head” in articulating the challenges and solutions (i.e. The Libra Solution) that will result in meaningful work and meaningful lives for today’s dual-career families.
Deborah Swiss Author, Women and the Work/Family Dilemma
Written with common sense and optimism, The Libra Solution provides realistic models for prioritizing marriage and enjoying family time while recognizing that both parents need to provide economic stability for their children. A must read for couples, and for corporations who want to attract and retain top-notch talent.



 On Managing Overload:

Maggie Jackson Award-winning former Boston Globe columnist; Author, Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age
A work-life approach offering sustainability and equality for all is just what we need today, and that’s what Lisa Levey offers in this lucid, intriguing, thoroughly researched book. The Libra Solution is a welcome antidote to a hurried, overloaded era.
Joshua Coleman Psychologist; Author, The Lazy Husband: How to get men to do more parenting and housework
The Libra Solution is a wise and helpful book for today’s couples. Levey provides great guidance for parents and dual-career families who are looking for creative solutions to leading balanced and fulfilling lives. I highly recommend this book!
Judi C. Casey Director, Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN)
The Libra Solution answers a fundamental question of major concern to today’s working families—how can you have a satisfying job or career, a family, and a personal life? The Libra approach provides a much-needed resource for couples who want to participate fully in both the work and home arenas. It offers strategies, examples, inspiration, and encouragement to families about how to create satisfying work and meaningful family lives.



On Strengthening Marriages

Phyllis Moen McKnight Presidential Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota; Co-Author, The Career Mystique: Cracks in the American Dream
Lisa Levey has written an inspiring, provocative book providing real-world possibilities for couples to establish fulfilling lives at home and at work. The Libra Solution prioritizes a strong marital partnership as the fulcrum upon which to move beyond outdated gender norms in order to fashion flexible, sustainable ways of working and raising children in the 21st century.
Jessica DeGroot President, ThirdPath Institute
Many families face a significant time famine. Parents need—and want—to work but they also want time and energy for their children, their spouse and their own needs. There is a better way. The Libra Solution not only provides a personal road map for how to achieve this, it also provides ample research and documentation of the bottom line benefits for everyone involved.