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About Lisa’s Book

The Libra Solution:
Shedding Excess and Redefining Success at Work and at Home

“I just can’t do any more” has become the familiar cry of working parents struggling to combine our intense modern-day approach to professional work with our equally intense modern-day approach to parenting. The result is overload and exhaustion. At the same time, employers — fully aware that women comprise a critical part of the talent pool — continually struggle to fully engage and retain professional women. The Libra Solution illuminates a different approach to the work and life puzzle: one that is beneficial for men and women; for families; and organizations. The book tackles working differently, parenting differently, and creating new gender norms at home and at work. Discover:

  • Why professional women have so much to teach organizations about adapting our work cultures for the 21st century
  • Why the “Libra work and life model” is good for individuals, marriage, children and organizations
  • How individuals contribute to feeling overworked and what they can do about it
  • How to avoid the gender dance that limits both women and men
  • Why parents taking care of themselves – and their marriage – is among the greatest gifts they can give to their children
  • A roadmap for navigating pervasive cultural norms and overwrought expectations around careers and parenting

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