Blog Talk Radio: Why Doesn’t He Help With Housework? Maybe It’s You

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It’s an age-old complaint: men don’t do their share of housework and child care. But maybe it’s not just because they won’t. Maybe it’s because women resist it.

Sounds like an old Phyllis Schlafley idea (Google it, kids). We women work hard and we want men to help pull the domestic weight. But consultant Lisa D’Annolfo Levey, a national advocate for the importance of men in the gender dialogue, has found that women may be unconsciously viewing that help as an intrusion.

Levey has a background in management and economics, and is an expert on gender diversity. She’s consulted with leading corporations and organizations about the evolution of gender roles and making both men and women partners in personal and professional work. Her book, “The Libra Solution: Shedding Excess and Redefining Success at Work and at Home,” is about creating new gender norms.

Find out how women may be pushing back against one of the things we say we want most, why we may be doing it, and how that can change, as Levey talks about how gender equality can be less talk and more reality.

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