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Driving gender balance. Fueling business success.

Gender balance is about realizing the potential of the full workforce. It’s about diversity of perspective and great ideas. It’s about men and women sharing power and responsibility at work, and at home. It’s about fueling success.

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Lisa Levey, Founder

Lisa Levey has advised organizations ranging from Fortune 10 corporations to leading non-profits on women’s advancement and professional development. Libra Consulting helps organizations realize the underutilized potential of women by diagnosing the root causes of gender imbalance and addressing both structural barriers and attitudinal challenges.

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Key Principles of Gender Balance

  • Gender balance is the economically smart thing to do and the right thing to do.
  • Women and men are stronger together – in organizations, in communities, in families.
  • Gender balance is about men and women. Each must play a role.
  • Gender balance requires challenging fundamental assumptions and making adaptations in attitudes and behaviors, structures and practices.
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Meet Lisa, Our Founder

Lisa Levey has consulted to a marquee list of clients on women’s advancement, diversity and work-life issues for more than 20 years. Her goal has always been to help create work organizations where individuals can thrive – by honoring what is most important to them professionally and personally – and allowing them to unleash their passion and creativity to make their best contributions at work.

Lisa’s deep expertise in work life effectiveness directly influenced the development of our global policy and practices for workplace flexibility. 

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to organizations actively working to realize the full potential of women.

Leslie Mays

VP Global Inclusion, Avon

Lisa has been instrumental in the New York City Bar’s diversity efforts since she was first retained by the City Bar in 2008 to lead our diversity benchmarking research.

I would recommend her as an experienced diversity consultant and researcher.

Gabrielle Lyse Brown

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, New York City Bar Association

I had the pleasure of moderating a webinar featuring Lisa … for the Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN). One thing that particularly impressed me about Lisa was her preparation.

I highly recommend Lisa as a speaker and presenter.

Heather Allen

Leadership Gifts Officer, Cornell University

The Libra Solution

In “The Libra Solution,” Lisa Levey weaves together:

  • Insights from consulting with companies on work-life integration and women’s development and advancement;
  • The voices of women and men as they succeed and struggle to “balance” work and life; and
  • Her own very personal story of living in a partnership marriage.
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